Manuel Castedo Architect Federal Defenders Manuel Castedo Architect  - Ziff Davis - Interior Design Magazine C-S Construction Specialties, 
American Airlines, JFK The Hillier Group  -  Arrowood
The Hillier Group Summerset College
Manuel Castedo Castedo Architect - The Presidential
Castedo Architect - Sparkman & Stephens
O&Y -  7 Hanover
O&Y Corporate Portfolio O&Y Park Avenue Atrium
 Olympia&York - Leary Gottleib Law Firm
Olympia&York  -  John Blair
Barbara Hauben Ross  - Own Office - Interior Design Magazine
fBarbara Hauben Ross  - Own Office - Interior Design Magazine
HLW  - The Mill - Interior Design Magazine
Noel Jeffrey Design - Interior Design Magazine
Tiffany Offices - 600 Madison Ave.
Wood Magazine
The Hillier Group - ATT  -  Interiors Magazine
Michelle Vigneau Architects - GE Eatery
Zumtobel NY Hospital
Dupont Award - Hill & Knowlton - Einhorn Dental -Alexandria VA - Interior Design Magazine
Frayer Architects  -  Miramax Offices
 Gonchor & Sput -  Ricker's Island Correctional Facilities
Whidden Silver Design - Mac Graw Hill